4/8, 4/12, 4/13  – at Pearl Studios, 500 8th ave. (btw 36th and 35th st.) 12th floor, NYC.

      NETworks is announcing auditions for future replacements and preliminary auditions for their upcoming domestic and international tours of DISNEY'S Beauty and the Beast, for 2015-2016.  WE ARE LOOKING TO CAST THESE TWO COMPANIES AS ETHNICALLY DIVERSE AS POSSIBLE.  ALL ETHNICITIES ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO AUDITION.  Robert Jess Roth, dir.; Matt West, choreo.; Alan Menken, music; Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, lyrics; Linda Woolverton, book; Tour director, Sam Scalamoni; Tour choreographer Connor Gallagher; Bob Cline, Tricia Gentry casting.

    We are seeking performers with strong legit Broadway voices; prepare an uptempo or ballad which shows off your voice and range; standard Broadway music is best. If you are a character actor, prepare a song appropriate for that character. Bring sheet music. Pianist provided. You are welcome and encouraged to sing from the show, but please have another appropriate selection with you. We are always seeking male tumblers during these calls. Bring picture & resume. Actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to attend this call. Almost all ensemble members must sing well enough to cover a principle roll.  All roles paid. Non-Equity performers only.

    Audition will be held on 4/8, 4/12, 4/13 at Pearl Studios, 500 8th ave. St., 12th floor,  NYC. The tour is currently running and closing date is TBD.

    Wednesday, April 8th – 10:00 am Performers interested in the role of MAURICE, COGSWORTH, MRS. POTTS, WARDROBE, LUMIERE, & LEFOU

    Wednesday, April 8th – 2:00 pm Performers interested in the role of BEAST OR GASTON

    Sunday, April 12th – 10:00 am Performers interested in the role of BELLE

    Monday, April 13th – 10am Performers interested in the roles of BEAST or GASTON

    Monday, April 13th – 12pm Performers interested in the roles of MAURICE, COGSWORTH, MRS.POTTS, WARDROBE, LUMIERE, AND LEFOU

    Seeking --

    Belle: early to mid-20s (plays 18), classically beautiful face, her eyes shine with intelligence, seems entirely unaware of her looks, strong-willed, adventurous, and noble, a true heroine, sensitive and smart, should move very well, vocal range: lyrical pop theatre voice to an E with a very strong and clear belt;

    Beast: late 20s-late 30s, 6'0" or taller, this role requires an exceptional actor (classical training helpful), who is also a major singer, a tortured soul trapped in the body of the Beast, angry, volatile, and hopeless, when he meets Belle, she awakens his warm, loving human side and is able to overcome his bestial nature to break the spell, should be handsome and well-built, vocal range: baritone to an F;

    Maurice: late 40s-late 50s, Belle's father, eccentric inventor, comic, warm, sincere, and immensely loveable, devoted to his daughter, short and stout is good, not obese, vocal range: character voice to a D;

    Gaston: mid-20s to mid-30s, no older, must be 6'0" or taller, very handsome muscular build, sexy with a larger-than-life chiseled face, actor must be a strong comedic farceur capable of playing a larger-than-life style, rude, self-centered bully, egomanical, narcissistic, should move very well, vocal range: big Broadway baritone with a solid F;

    Le Fou: mid-20s to mid-30s, no taller than 5'8", Gaston's adoring hanger-on buddy, a true fall guy, buffoon, must be able to handle physical comedy and move well, seeking an accomplished stage comedian/stage clown, must be able to sing and be able to do a character voice, vocal range: to a G;

    Mrs. Potts: early 40s-early 50s, plump sweet-faced English teapot, kind hearted maternal cook, sings the title song, vocal range: lyrical alto down to a low F sharp with a convincing English accent;

    Lumiere: early 30s-early 40s, a candelabra, very charming, very suave, very French, maitre D' who fancies himself as a ladies' man, passionate, prone to dramatic displays of emotion, the Beast's coach in the love department, must have a credible French accent, must move well, vocal range: baritone to a G;

    Cogsworth: mid-30s to late 40s, manic, officious English major domo, someone wound him up way too tight and he has never wound down, slightly snooty Brit, with a heart of gold, English accent required, vocal range: character voice--baritone, not much singing;

    Babette: early 20s-early 30s, beautiful feather duster, continually teases Lumiere, must dance, not too bright, voluptuous, tall with a show-girl body, French accent required, vocal range: Broadway belt with a legit soprano;

    Wardrobe: early 40s-early 50s, warm, friendly, comedic, vain old girl, very theatrical, had pretensions to an operatic career, should have an ample build, but not obese, loud laugh, the life of the party, vocal range: legit operatic mezzo to G or B flat.


    NETworks Presentations' Production Department is actively recruiting technicians to fill immediate openings and future positions for current and upcoming tours.  NETworks tours shows both domestically and internationally.  All technical positions are contracted with benefits through IATSE.

    Resumes are being accepted for:  Audio Engineers, Automation, Carpentry, Electrics, Hair & Make-up, Properties, Rigging & Fly, Stage Management (AEA & Non-AEA), Technical Directors (Head Carpenters), PAs, Video & Projections, and Wardrobe.

    Please submit a cover letter and resume (PDF format) to